We as people make far too many excuses for why we can’t do what we know we need to.

You have to get your mind right, today.

If you need to reexamine your motives – do it. If you have to cut something out – do it. If you need to change your behavior – do it. If you’re waiting to start when you get something else right, stop kidding yourself and start TODAY!

You can’t sit around and just wait for things to happen when there’s an effort that you need to be putting forth.

I challenge you to be honest with yourself right now:
Is there something you know you need to be doing?

If your answer is “yes,” then start NOW.

Ready? Set? Go!

*If you would like to talk or need prayer, feel free to hit up my personal email: LaurenRelinquished@GMail.com Or my cell (if you have it)*


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