We may live in a fallen world and there may be a lot of fallen people around me, but my heart longs to help pick others up.


It hurts and sucks to be down and out and know that there is something more. It’s the worst feeling ever to run around chasing things that are fleeting only to end up on the ground wishing you weren’t still empty.

I can identify with all these things because I’ve been there. I’m no better than the next person and I’m so thankful that The Lord came for the lame. His love, His mercy and grace is so powerful and undeniably needed.

I’m grateful that others helped pick me up; That seeds were planted by their examples alone.

And having once been down and now up, I understand that He’s the only one who brings me peace. I want others to experience peace too

If there’s any way I can help, whether it be a listening ear, a warm embrace, a helping hand, etc., please let me know how I can help.

Love you.

Yes….YOU! ❤


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