God doesn’t give us mountains to stump us, He gives them to us so we can go higher. 
Mountains are meant to be climbed so don’t sit at the base just looking at it in horror & awe. Strap on your faith, and set your eyes on your Heavenly Father knowing that if He brought you to it, He’s given you everything you need to be “successful.” 

Yet be careful in your understanding of the word “successful”. It doesn’t always look like an obvious win, but rest assured that God will get the victory even if it seems all you got out of it was a learning experience and humility. 
Remember your experiences set you up for something else. 

So if you look up and see yourself in front of mountain, do not be dismayed – God wants to take you higher. Do you accept the challenge? 

—-> LISTEN TO: “Montains” by Sean C. Johnson here!


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