My mind was cluttered with thoughts this evening as I drove home from work. I felt like it was time to let go of some of them out loud with my best friend/therapist. So I opened up:

“God…please provide some clarity in my life”

I drove quietly with the music turned all the way down; ready to listen. He encouraged me to process my deepest thoughts out loud. Here are some of my takeaways I want to share:

  • In order to get freedom, you have to RELINQUISH.
    • It’s really a simple concept, but we make it complicated with this little thing called “fear.”
  • We claim to want freedom, but we don’t live in agreement with that goal.
    • Do you really want freedom, or are you more comfortable holding on?
      • I personally realized that I was more comfortable holding on to my fantasy because it allowed me to dream a little. But that “dream” I was holding onto, was holding me captive and at a standstill. Fantasies are nice, but reality can be even better if we trust God to provide a reality greater than anything we could ever imagine.
  • Freedom isn’t free; it requires us to give up something.
    • Like anything else, there’s a price to pay to get “it.”
      • I don’t know you’re situation, but for me, I had to pay the price of letting go of what I want. What I want sounds so much better than what I need. I remember when I was a child and I’d ask my mom to stop at McDonalds for dinner to get a happy meal and she would say “No. I’m cooking.” I’d whine all the way home (or until she threatened to kick me out the car lol). Now, as I look back, I realize that although that fast food was what I wanted, it certainly had nothing on my momma’s home-cooking which was a lot better for me nutritionally – it was what I needed.
  • Don’t just want freedom, claim it, declare it and work at it being YOURS to have daily.
    • Freedom doesn’t just come about and it’s not just a destination. It’s something that requires patience, faith and energy.
      • I tend to be a creature of habit and if I’m not paying attention, I’ll slip back into an old way of thinking – especially if I’m changing a perspective I’ve held for most of my life. There’ll be times when it’s easier to live in that freedom and some other times when it’ll be a stretch. So it’s super important that I speak words of declaration and reclaim that freedom on a daily basis.

Freedom is freeing, but it ain’t free.

Freedom is fleeting when we refuse to lay it at His feet.

Freedom is freeing

Lauren ❤


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