One of the awesome things about God is that He gives His children free will.

I just so happen to be at the point where that’s nice to know in theory, but I’m not sure how to act that out in reality.

Things were so simple when I first started allowing God to intervene in my life. I mean, I did make the choice to give my life to Him (which was pretty scary), but things were kind of black and white for me then. You know…real “yes” and “no” with little gray area.

But this afternoon, it became more clear than ever, that God is no longer babying me. Sure, I’m still His baby/His child, but I’m maturing and growing and that requires a shift – a change in my attitude and behavior.

He’s weened me off of bottles and is beginning to give me table food, but like a shrieking lil baby, I’m still crying for the nipple.

But there are no more bottles to be had. He wants me to pick up my own fork (or spork) and chew the big people food.

I mean, it’s only right…I am growing after all. It’s time for me to make my moves and trust that I’ll be guided by Him on how to stay fed.

A baby is fed bottles and the sort because they are not strong enough nor big enough to feed themselves. Therefore their caregiver does everything for them.

Similarly, I’ve looked to The Lord to keep making my decisions for me. He’s bigger, wiser, been doing it longer (ya know?), so I just keep looking to Him to continue feeding me my next moves.

But He’s like: “Lauren, you’re older now. It’s time for you to try and do it yourself.”

Me: “But why Lord? You’re so awesome at it; My life has never been better, I want you to do it.

God: “I’m not leaving you Lauren, I just want you to exercise your right – and do it yourself. I’ll still be here to oversee and provide guidance.”

Then like a toddler, I crossed my arms and attempted to go on strike until The Lord started making my decisions again.

Needless to say that didn’t last too long because the toddler in me realized God isn’t playing. I’ll starve if I never attempt to pick up the fork. But even worse, I’ll remain a scared little girl if I never attempt to make my own decisions.

No one can make it for me, God really does bless us with free will and we have to learn to exercise it. We can’t remain trapped to the baby-life where the bottle is simply given every time we cry and poot.

I’m daring to be daring today; To pick up the spork; To make my own decisions and trust that God is there with me and within me to guide me.

If I don’t pick up the spork to feed myself, I’ll starve from my inability to make a decision.


4 thoughts on “Pick up the spork or starve. 

  1. “If I don’t pick up the spork to feed myself, I’ll starve from my inability to make a decision.” Love that Lauren..blessed by this reminder…Sometimes I’m overly cautious, but like you said, we move and he guides. Reminds me of Proverbs 16:9 – A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.

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  2. Yes. I will STARVE. That’s where I’ve been. Starving. Just waiting, without acting. It simply doesn’t work out that way. Though he has a perfect will for us, we still have to listen and ACT. But let me tell you, I absolutely HATE making decisions. ugh, God is surely working on me.

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    1. I certainly understand that! If we’re truly listening, then we understand that He has given us instruction. He certainly still leads but we gotta do our part…goes back to that whole “Faith without works is dead” -james 2:17….we can have all the faith in God that He will supply and order our steps, but if we never actually venture to feel, taste, smell and just LIVE then we’re not putting work behind it. I know my consistent message has been to “GET OUT THE BOAT” …so slowly but surely I’m learning how to live and breathe it. It’s a process. He knows that. He’s patient He’s faithful.

      Keep growing and learning and healing sis!

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