The door creaked opened. I peeped in and examined the scene. I saw the obvious things that you scout out right away. I determined how I felt about those things immediately and for whatever reason, I couldn’t shake the feelings I felt about those things. When I finally managed to look elsewhere, I began to notice smaller things…little things here and there that I could admire.

I leaned forward to peer deeper into the scenery. This time, I really noticed things I hadn’t seen before; smaller details were coming to life. My curiosity was piqued and I wanted to just get a slightly closer look, so I reached out just to get a little taste of it.

It felt uncomfortable to reach around the doorway like I did, but I wanted to know more. And more came…

Suddenly my 5 senses were overloaded and I knew I had to get closer to touch, feel, see, hear and really taste all that laid on the other-side of that door.

I slowly lifted my right foot and let it hover over the threshold and then quickly grabbed the door frame for support. I looked up to the sky and said “Lord.” (I knew He knew from the inflection and tone of my voice that I was asking for His help). And just like that, I touched that right foot to the ground on the other side of that doorway into…

o p p o r t u n i t y.

When you open the door to something, you usually walk in, right?  Maybe some of y’all are like me – when I open the door to a bathroom, I go running to the commode. I don’t know, maybe you’re not like me… *shrugs*

Let’s try something else:

When someone opens the door for you at a restaurant, for example, what do you do? You swap some type of pleasantry and 99.99999999999999% of the time, you walk through that open door. Or if you’re me, you trip through the door and smile back sheepishly at the nice person who just witnessed you in all your clumsiness.

So, it’s safe to say we’re all walking through those doors that are opened for us, right???

Yeah, I thought so too until like an hour ago.

We consciously and unconsciously ask for God to open doors for us. Fine, I’ll speak for myself, but I know I’m notorious for sending up one of these prayers –> “Lord, just show the way”

I mean the idea is, we recognize that our current position is not where we want/supposed to be, so we ask that God lead and show us a way. But we remain standing in our current and only looking into that door He’s opened. We don’t swap any pleasantries with God thanking Him for opening and holding the door. Like weirdos we just hold our spots. I personally don’t know if I’m waiting for the other side to come to me or if I’m just blatantly being rude.

Several things could be at play: 

  • I don’t like what I see inside that doorway at first glance
  • It’s not the door I thoughtwas going to be opened
  • I don’t want to pick up my feet and move (too much effort)
  • I was never taught that when someone opens a door that you thank them and walk through it
  • I’m too stubborn or scared to go where I know I’m supposed to go

Out of those scenarios, which are you?

Think about your life right now. No, really, REFLECT on your life. What doors has God been opening for you that either you are just standing at or bypassing?

Then ask yourself: Do I trust Him? 

If you believe that God has empowered you to do all the things that He has placed in front of you, then do yourself a favor and walk through that door. No matter how scary, glorious, amazing, frightening, ugly, etc. JUST WALK THROUGH THE DOOR!!!

This morning, I finally did.

And I’m so glad about it! It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought. Everything went so smoothly and all I could think was: if it’s God’s will, He will DO it! 



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