For the first time in a while now, I had to just have a full out cry…of peace and joy. I’m not talking hysterics. I just felt an overwhelming warmth and love overcome me and I couldn’t help but bask in that moment.

As I sat at my computer trying to wrap-up work for the day, I felt His presence creep in. That moment of blessed reassurance was all I needed.
And out came the tears; Out came the praise; Out came all my thoughts (read those below). I just wanted to tell y’all how amazing God is
Recognize and know that please!

For me, relinquish means to let go the control I think I have on my life and to surrender to God by submitting to Him fully.

I’ve always had this need to control and plan all the details concerning me – because who knows me better than me, right? NO! God knows me way better. I mean I couldn’t tell you how many hairs are on my head. I couldn’t even tell you how I was made! Sure, we can look in our science books and read about the embryonic stages, but think about it…

  • What really makes a sperm and egg mate and implant?
  • What really makes that ovum into an embryo?
  • What really makes the embryo into a baby?!?!
I don’t know how all that happens, but I certainly know WHO makes that happen! And in that same way, I need to know and respect the fact that God knows me far better than I know myself. After all, He is THE CREATOR!
And since He created everything, why can’t I accept the fact that He knows all …even all those things that concern me???
I work so hard to fit God into what I can conceive, that I don’t realize He was never meant to be in that space. God is far greater than the humans He has created so there’s no way we can fit Him into our plans…HE IS THE PLAN OF ALL PLANS. If anything we should be humbled and grateful to know that God fits us into HIS plans!!!
But steadily I find myself trying to place God in this box. Because my relationship is growing with Him, I feel like I’m placing Him in the biggest possible box I can, but can I just enlighten you?
GOD doesn’t fit in a box!
Not my box, not your box, not the biggest box in the world….NOT ANY BOX! God is The Beginning and The End; The Alpha and The Omega. He is everything. God just IS
And if we live our lives only perceiving God to be as big or as great as we can imagine Him, then we’re missing the point. We’re setting limitations on The Limitless <– And that my friend is impossible.
God is so much greater and LARGER and mightier and lovelier than anything we could ever imagine. But if we only perceive Him in one way or in a certain area of our lives, just think of all the ways we miss out on TRULY experiencing God and this life He has called us to have with Him…
I am humbled today. Humbled that although He owns the whole world, He still calls me His own. Humbled that although I mess up and I act against Him and attempt to fit Him in my box, that He still loves me, bestows His grace and works outside the boundaries of the box I try and put Him in.
And to that, all I can do is RELINQUISH control.
Lord take my heart.
Lord take my mind.
Lord take my soul and never let me go!!! 
#FullyRelinquished ❤

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