Let’s work on not filling in the gaps today.
There’s something so uncomfortable about not knowing. We sometimes get glimpses into our future, but then we rush ahead trying to fill in all the gaps of what we don’t know. We dream and fantasize about the details or even start working on the future without asking God to lead us on where to start first.
Today I’d like to actively work on not rushing ahead; To remain calm, collected and rested before Him knowing He is the giver and the fulfiller. If you get a glimpse or are thinking about your future today, try not to rush ahead. Stop and marvel…
Marvel at the brightness in your future. Thank God for that future. Take your time to tell Him about everything you love about what He showed you. And then thank Him for your present and how He’s preparing and positioning you. And then Relax and stand on the promise that He will deliver!
Be blessed! ❤
#CalmCollectedandRested #LetHimFilltheGaps

4 thoughts on “#CalmCollectedandRested [faith]

  1. Definitely a lesson I FINALLY learned recently. It’s funny how then other people try to rush you along…in which you have to gently remind them that you don’t operate on their or even your own time. Lol
    Thanks for the reminder!!! #rested

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    1. That’s so true. Sometimes I battle between really just resting on His promise and His timing and understanding when I’m dragging my feet, because others can definitely serve as reminders. However, when the time approaches, I know God will certainly lead the way and off that push I need!


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